Elica Connex

Remote controls, or automatic operation.

Multi Connection

Hood and hob in constant interaction.

The blue-tooth connection between the hood and induction cooktop automatically adjusts the extraction power according to the level of cooking that has been selected. Performance and consumption now optimised.


Wi-Fi and app: remote controls.

With Elica Connect all you have to think about is enjoying your free time, worry-free and in total relaxation. It’s easy to see the status of your product’s filters with Elica Connect, and since you will be reminded when it’s time to clean, replace or regenerate them, you’ll never forget again! Thus guaranteeing high performance levels and making sure that the air in your home is always clean. Thanks to the wi-fi connectivity of the Elica Connect product line, you are just a few clicks away from conveniently and remotely setting your hood functions, from just about anywhere! Switch on and off, control power and extraction levels, lighting, maintenance and so much more.
The Elica Connect app

Just a click away. Fast and easy.

Download the Elica Connect App from the App Store or Google play. Register your product and manage your hood in a fun new way. Switch on, select extraction power, set lighting and switch off; from absolutely anywhere even when away from home.
Elica app 19.30
The charcoal filter needs replacing. The efficiency level is down to 10%.

The Elica Connect App controls the filter status and alerts you when it’s time to replace them or regenerate them!

When filter efficiency no longer guarantees top performance, you will be notified that it is time to clean or regenerate them. If the filters have reached their maximum filtration level, buy new ones in one simple click: your app will tell you which filters are compatible with your hood model and once purchased they will be delivered directly to your home so you can replace them.

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elica-app-experience elica-app-experience
elica-app-experience elica-app-experience

At home, all you have to do is ask.

Alexa, switch on hood
Alexa, increase hood speed
Alexa, set soft white hood light
Ok Google, switch off hood
Ok Google, set the hood to automatic mode
Ok Google, switch on hood light
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. Check the language that is compatible with your voice assistant.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. Check the language that is compatible with your voice assistant.
Voice commands

What can you ask your virtual voice assistant?

Adjust brightness

Following your commands, your virtual voice assistant will immediately select the brightness of the hood lights according to the ambiance you wish to create: cozy and relaxing or nice and bright for a well-visible kitchen counter.

Adjust lighting tone*

Select the LED light temperature you prefer: from cool white to warm white, matching it to the lighting tones in your living space. *available only for models equipped with Tune white.

Switch on and off

Your virtual voice assistant allows you to switch the hood on and off and to select desired speed. The only thing you’ll need to think about now is what you’re cooking.

Adjust extraction power

Cooking something delectable? Then most likely your culinary feats have created some mouthwatering scents and tantalizing aromas, along with some unwanted and unpleasant odors as well. To rid yourself of these nasty odors all you have to do is ask. Raise the hood power with a simple voice command, without ever having to look away from your recipe.