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Hob Extractor NikolaTesla Flame Elica

NikolaTesla Flame

Design Fabrizio Crisà

The first GAS hob with an integrated hood on the market, designed with style to match the tradition of the flame with the innovation of a powerful integrated aspiration.



Product benefits

  • Delay Switch Off Delay Switch Off
  • Maintenance Alarm Maintenance Alarm
  • Total Integration Total Integration
  • Long Life Filter ++ Long Life Filter ++
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Multi Flexi Space Multi Flexi Space
  • Dual Burner Dual Burner
  • Motor 1200 Motor 1200

Technical features

The custom and serenity of cooking on the flame today meets one of the most innovative solutions on the market in terms of aspiration. A modern and elegant glass and cast iron design to bring a technologically advanced hob to your kitchen, developed in compliance with all safety standards to find the right balance between the flames of the burners and a new suction from below that replaces the traditional kitchen hood. 
The flat grids are carefully designed to facilitate every movement with the pan avoiding the need to lift it to change the burner, while the back cover completes the whole adding an elegant and useful support base.
Grease and high performance regenerable odor filters can be removed from the top without any effort, in the same way it is possible to access inner part to clean from accidentally leak out of the pots. In addition a special valve allows the discharge of any spilled liquid, to ensure maximum hygiene to your kitchen.



  • Size

    88x51x21 cm

  • CUT


  • Version

    Duct-out/ Re-circulating

  • Finishes

    Black glass + cast iron, grey glass + cast iron

  • Controls

    3S+2B Rotative

  • Booster airflow

    600 m3/h Aspirante - 550 m3/h Filtrante

  • Suction speed

    5,1 m/s

  • Noise level min-max

    47 - 62 db(A) Duct-out- 53 - 68 db (A) Filtering

  • Total absorption Aspiration System

    310 W


  • Controls


  • Voltage

    220 - 240 V


  • 1st element

    Dual special (3,5kW)

  • 2nd element

    Semi rapid (1,75 kW)

  • 3rd element

    Semi rapid (1,75 kW)

  • 4th element

    Rapid (3,0 kW)


Grease aluminium Filter included. Charcoal fibre filter included. (*) Model not subject to compulsory energy certification.(*) 
* Available for purchase as an accessory, code KIT0160040 – KIT WOK FLAME

Where to see it



  • NIKOLATESLA FLAME Black Re-circulating PRF0147741B

  • NIKOLATESLA FLAME Black Duct-out (*) PRF0147740B

  • NIKOLATESLA FLAME Grey Re-circulating PRF0147743B

  • NIKOLATESLA FLAME Grey Duct-out (*) PRF0147742B