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Hood Wall-mounted Majestic No Drip Elica

Majestic No Drip

Design Fabrizio Crisà

Product benefits

  • Back Aspiration Back Aspiration
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
  • Smart Installation Smart Installation

Technical features

  • Width

    60, 90cm

  • Energy class


  • Size

    60 - 90 cm

  • Version

    Duct out

  • Finishes

    Stainless steel + black glass, stainless steel + white glass

  • Lighting

    Led 2x2,5W - Led-Strip 1x7 W (No Drip)

  • Controls

    3s+b Touch control

  • Booster Airflow

    600 m³/h

  • Noise Level

    60 dBA

  • Total power absorption

    207 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm


Aluminium grease filter Included. 

Chimney kit Included. 

NO DRIP – Condensation can be a problem in kitchens with induction hobs. As these hobs only heat the pans there is no rising warmth to warm the glass of any cooker hoods so condensation can form. With the NO DRIP function the glass panel is warmed (just as in a cars rear windscreen) preventing condensation and any condensation on the internal components is collected in a removeable drip tray.

Where to see it


Click here to download Energy Label and Product Fiche



  • MAJESTIC NO DRIP 60 Black PRF0147731

  • MAJESTIC NO DRIP 90 Black PRF0147732

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