YouChef. Expert chef features, designed especially for you.
YouChef. Expert chef features, designed especially for you. article detail

Professional inspiration

for your kitchen.

Our household appliances have been designed to improve your kitchen experience, both in terms of living space and cooking methods for your dishes and recipes.

This is why we have studied highly advanced professional cooking solutions, transforming them into innovative yet easy- to- use features tailored specifically for you.

Are you expert chefs?

Or have you just started to learn how to cook? No matter your level of expertise in the kitchen, we offer state-of-the-art equipment that is very easy to use.

Some examples: with Lhov you can combine traditional cooking with steam-cooking; our ovens will allow you to experience traditional cooking with steam or microwave cooking as well as to check the moisture of dishes (in order to make them drier or juicier, according to your tastes).

Our hobs are also equipped with MeltingWarming and Simmering, features to melt butter and chocolate, warm up custards, simmer vegetables or soups, so you don't have to always be there to prevent things from burning or boiling over.

And that's not all: the automatic features of our cooking consoles, hobs, ovens and small wine coolers, ensure excellent cooking results and perfect wine storage.

What is YouChef?

Melting Mode.

Everything melts for the better. Tired of melting the butter and chocolate and having to stir them continually or burning them? The secret? Keeping the temperature always below 50°, this will never happen again.

Warming Mode.

Slow cooking, delicious results. Conceived for slower cooking preparations, ideal when warming up milk or broths, for the preparation of custards or sauces preventing them to overheat and keeping your prepared food warm.


For those who love speed. Super quick cooking, heating or defrosting with the aid of the microwave oven. By now a must.

Simmering Mode.

Enough of boiling over! You can simmer your food for longer. No more excessive boiling or spilling over from your pots. No more tough food or burnt pans or saucepans!

Perfect Heat.

Stable heat, perfect cooking. Your oven will maintain the heat at a stable temperature, maximising efficiency and performance thanks to the well -structured and insulated oven cavity. Need to prepare a quick pizza? High temperature is just what you need.


The good and proper cooking. This cooking mode will exalt the taste and nutritive properties of all your recipes: vegetables, meat, fish, bread. Crispy outside and juicy inside.

Moisture Control.

Condensation vapours: yes and no. Choose between moist or dry cooking, it will hold back or remove any vapours produced inside your oven cavity.

Food Probe.

Is it cooked inside too? You can now monitor the internal temperature in each and every preparation with this temperature probe. No more heat dispersal. You can now monitor your cooking times more accurately and not have to open the oven door.

Bridge Zone.

XXL pots: there is room for them too. Having problems with oval-shaped or bigger-sized pots? This function transforms two cooking zones into a bigger size one, ensuring you the same power level and constant temperature for a homogeneous cooking


Each wine its own dedicated space. A divider separates the white from the red wine so that it can be better stored. Each section of the wine cooler ensures optimum temperature of conservation and tasting.