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    The perfect solution hidden inside your kitchen

    A built-in cooker hood perfectly blends into your kitchen, while at the same time assuring that odours and vapours are efficiently removed.

    Elica solutions have a linear design that disappears inside the cabinet: a tendency towards total integration, thus assuring a uniform and homogenous space.

    Elica built-in extractor hoods have been designed to blend with the kitchen project, harmonizing their surroundings.

    Elica built-in cooker hood materials and finishes make maintenance fast and easy: grease and odour filters are easy to remove, wash and replace.

    Elica built-in cooker hoods are easy to assemble and connect, thus making installation operations very fast.

    Elica Multi-d Capture technology guarantees highly efficient built-in hood extraction: extraction is distributed along the entire perimeter of the appliance, thus guaranteeing top results in the capture of unpleasant odours and vapour.

    Additionally, Elica offers the possibility of operating the kitchen hood via voice command or App.
    Within the line of Elica connected hoods, there is Hidden 2.0 @, the built-in hood extractor that is controllable via Elica Connect App or voice command.

    Thanks to the Dim Light feature, light brightness can be regulated through a simple command, for improved visibility on the worktop.

    Instead, by using the Tune White feature, the LED colour may be adjusted from warm white to cool white, for an even atmosphere throughout the space.